Newest Vtech Launched Device for Kids

The vtech kids camera is nothing but sheer enjoyment and fun. With a camera of this sort your child will be able to capture amazing digital pictures and videos too, which usually has a megapixel of 1.3. It also offers a digital zoom of 4x for as much as fun that your child might become a photographer instantly or even a director of a movie with a single press of the button of the camera.

From being able to edit the photos with spooky effects to recording videos with exciting borders with animation is a catchy reason to attract kids. Also the voice recording feature which is comprised of five effects of changing origin and also provides the accessibility of three types of super cool games right on the camera.

vtech kids camera

Features of a Vtech camera

In the month of February of this year, vtech kids camera got launched. It also provides with the option of instant messaging through its auto generated app named KidiCom through which kids can easily send in pictures and message texts to their accessed contacts. However with advancement in the technology a newer device to communicate especially for kids is named as VtechKidiBuzz. It is a bit pricy and is solely made for the kids belonging to the age group between 4-9 years. This device looks more or less exactly like a smart phone however it is devoid of the cellular connectivity.

Secured and safe for kids to access

In spite of lacking cellular connectivity in the vtech kids camera, it is supported by Wi-Fi connection through which kids have the accessibility to chat and also browse with the help of the app. Since the purpose of designing this device is solely for kids, the company chooses to put a few restrictions.

With the help of the KidiConnect app kids generally require to get it approved and checked by their respective parents before accessing the contact lists and also the various website portals. This KidiConnect app is easily available to be downloaded on the Apple App Store and on the Google Play Store.

This device usually has two colour options namely Pink and Black.