Solutions for ejaculation problems

Ejaculation problems are one of the most commonly found problems in men and dealing with them sometimes become quite challenging but the below mentioned tips can help you sort these issues without much effort.

  1. Masturbate

Most of the men do not masturbate frequently and in order to avoid the ejaculation problems or any other sexual dysfunction issues. However, this can be one of the best ways and solutions to solve the premature ejaculation problems.

  1. Avoid penetration

When you are having sex, it is good to start with foreplay and avoid penetration atleast for the first fifteen minutes and this can be one of the main solutions that can avoid sexual problems in men. The penetration can cause premature ejaculation and this may kill the entire pleasure and may be a major turn off to a lot of women. Hence, try this technique; this can be helpful to keep your act interesting.

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  1. Try out unknown things

You should never do something that would make you ejaculate quickly says and this can be avoided when you start trying different things with your partner. You may be able to hold the penetration for quite a longer time when you try out newer things and this can also be one of the most amazing experiences.

  1. Hold the pleasure

Do not let go off the heat quickly, wait for the right time and then squeeze the head of the penis several times. This motion would allow you to relax and again after a few minutes, you can start with your act. This has been one of the most beneficial techniques to deal with pre ejaculation issues.

  1. Try exercises

There are different exercises and especially the kegels can be really helpful to pelase your woman in the bed thoroughly.