Detailed discussion about the Rustic Pathways’ CEO

The main aim of the employees of Rustic Pathways is to grant students with the idea about how to create positive concussion on human’s life and shared communities all over the world by combining travel with innovation and responsible education. Rustic Pathways was lucky enough to get Chris Stakich as its rustic pathways ceo as the company gained a huge name in the market after his arrival.

rustic pathways ceo

Few facts about the rustic pathways CEO

Chris Stakich became the CEO of the company in the year 2014 and since then rustic pathways has gone huge by taking a leap of to increase nearly 40 times as before. They have a total of approximately 500 employees. Their employees come from various countries including some of the most remote places around the globe. Rustic pathways CEO have applied his expertise to create a company strategy which will provide success for sure. the has collected a team of executives who are all very much educated and experienced and has brought along with them new innovative ideas. He has also published partnership growth and has built a strong client base.

Services and commitment of Chris Stakich towards his position

Chris Stakich has also been the chairman of Thinking Beyond Borders. They expose their students to the real world to learn the issues related to global development by traveling and taking a look at the situations themselves. This helps them to have a better understanding of the economic, social and political issues that require immediate attention. He has also served Thrival Academies being one of the board members. He has helped in their growth by collecting students from all over the world who have a very low or middle-income background and providing them the opportunity to study abroad for one complete year.