Effects of smoking

Smoking kills and smoking can cause a lot of health related disorders. Hence, a lot of people these days are gradually switching into Roskilde e-juice. Mentioned below are some of the harmful things caused by smoking and which can be prevented with Vaping or using e-cigaretter

  1. Anxiety related disorders

People who are chain smokers are susceptible to anxiety related disorders. Since, smoking calms and stimulates the happy hormones in your body for a while it would do a lot of harm to your brain in the longer run. Hence, people who smoke are usually prone to anxiety related disorders.

 These issues can be controlled when you Vaping because Vaping does not compel the consumer to finish the entire thing off at one shot. It is upto your discretion to Vape or not unlike the traditional cigarettes.

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  1. Coughing

People who are into continuous smoking would be coughing constantly and this is due to the poor lung capacity. Smoking involves inhaling the burnt tobacco and the entire lungs and the respiratory system is involves when you inhale a puff. But, in Vaping you get to decide on the inhalation of the vapor. Hence, you would not be prone to cough or bronchitis when you are Vaping or using an e-væske.

  1. Immune system

People who smoke would have weak immune system since, the respiratory system would not be functioning properly smokers have the tendency to catch a lot of infections related to air tract and this can sometimes  lead to death as well.

  1. Ageing

People who smoke would develop a lot of skin related disorders and also wrinkles. They look quite aged than their actual age and this can make them look old as well. But, these things can be controlled with the help of Vaping.

Well, now go ahead and decide whether it is Smoking or Vaping that is better!