Everything to know about set up of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is an app that we all need as it is easy to use and also saves us a lot of time. It helps us in connecting to everybody that means something to us, and we can share everything with them. You will need to know the way to install WhatsApp to see it functioning before you.

Downloading WhatsApp from the official app store:

  • Connect your phone to Wi-Fi or the mobile data according to your preference.
  • Open the app store application and search WhatsApp on it.
  • Click on the download button provided to download the app.

the wasap guide

Sometimes people delete their app stores, and they need to download WhatsApp. In that case:

  • Open the browser of your phone.
  • Type in keywords like ‘WhatsApp for Android’ or ‘ WhatsApp for Windows’ to get the suitable result.
  • Click on a reliable link and download the file and install it to get WhatsApp.

How to get WhatsApp started?

  • After you have finished downloading the application, open it. If you have downloaded from web make sure to check the privacy settings.
  • You need to log into WhatsApp by using your contact number, so give it without any mistake.
  • You will be sent an OTP by WhatsApp on your number.
  • Give the OTP correctly in the box provided.
  • Give your name and set a profile picture and you will be ready to use WhatsApp.

Once you download WhatsApp, you will be hooked to it throughout the day to check messages. Remember to update it regularly as new features are added with most updates. You can also use WhatsApp web to text your friends from your computer when you are away from your phone. If still, doubts persist in your mind about WhatsApp then check out the wasap guide to know more.