Find out if you need to make a transition from wired to wireless doorbells

Doorbells are an indispensable part of our day to day lives. Your house needs a doorbell just like it needs an alarm system. With the advent of wireless in our lives, doorbells have also made a transition from wired to wireless territory. Just install a bell and put the receiving piece anywhere in the house and you are good to go.

Let’s take a detailed look at what having a wireless doorbell entails.

Advantages of having a wireless doorbell:

  • Initially, with wired doorbells, the sound was limited to a certain part of the house. There was a good chance of you not hearing it from a distance. Wireless doorbells can be placed anywhere in a house, ideally from someplace where sound can be optimised. Thus there is freedom from missing guests on their arrival.
  • Also, wireless doorbells are much easier to install and operate as well. You don’t have to mess around with wirings in the wall or face an extra hassle of feeding wires. Simply install the push button and place the receiving piece anywhere inside the house.
  • Wireless ones don’t cost anything more than wired ones. Hence there is no question of whether they are affordable or not.
  • Finally, with the development of wireless technology, quality of the products has also improved drastically. Hence, range and volume of the new bell chimes are superior to older ones.

best wireless doorbell

Things to check before getting a new bell:

As with any other electronic gadget, there are certain things you need to check before getting a new wireless bell. The most important thing has to be “volume”. Your bell should be loud enough to be heard from every corner of the house. Another salient feature should be an optimal range. The best wireless doorbell ensure maximum range between the button and receiving piece. Certain other important features include the chime variety, optical alerts, ease of installation etc.

Since cost is not a factor, it is smart to use wireless instead of wired ones!