Great Teams and the Right Design Elements in Advertising Production

Tominaga Chalkie– Chief Designer at Amix, heads the organisation with aplomb.  Amix is a design company in Osaka, Japan. They are a One-Stop shop for branding, designing, printing, website development, website management and other related areas.

Tominaga is experienced in the salon industry, public relation organisations, and exhibitions. He initially entered the industry as a package designer. Later on, he opened Amix. He is an expert in graphic design and structural design. His company has separate service categories like Asobo for flyers, Logolo for logo design, package design by Pack Labo and a few others.

パッケージデザイン– The start

Amix designs the best packages and labels at cheap prices. There are various plans for product package design. The costing depends on the size, package type, material. Basic plans consist of two kinds of design features and the advanced plan consists of three kinds of variations. Pack Labo is in charge of this facet of business.

ポスターデザイン– A competitive edge

Asobo Designs handles the poster part. Other categories under the umbrella include flyers, posters, pamphlets and business cards.Posters come in various finishes and sizes. The finishes include laminated ones, water proof poster and panels. A2, B2, A0 and B0 are the various sizes. Posters have a huge impact in food courts, groceries market, stations and airports.

Offset printing technology is used to print large orders. Digital printing means are also utilised for smaller orders. Delivery generally happens in 5-6 working days.

Payments are taken by multiple modes. They are bank transfers, credit cards and PayPal.

Posters are excellent for PR. Posters can be stuck in most places, without disturbing the ambience. They provide a certain visual appeal to the place. Posters installed at busy places constantly draw attention of the crowds. The target market expands with poster advertising.

Just, rely for your ロゴデザイン orders on Amix and relax.