Here Is a List of the Variety of Teak Patio Furniture

The durability and the style of the teak patio furniture have made it immensely popular among people. This type of furniture is derived from the teak tree. The teak trees of different countries are a little different from each other. It is for this reason that one is able to get a variety of teak wood furniture.

Types of teakwood furniture

  • Banuywangi Teak

This type of teak is found in India. This teak wood furniture is quite reasonably priced. It is for this reason that there are a number of people who prefer buying this variety. This type of teak garden furnitureis quite strong but it does not have the golden brown color.

  • Bojonegoro Teak

This type of teak wood mainly originates in Indonesia.This teak wood is of very high quality. It has a beautiful, bright golden color. It mostly has straight grains. There are also some waving grain and wide spaced grain available in this variety.

teak patio furniture

  • Philippine Teak

This supply for this type of teak has decreased a lot these days. They are available in Philippines. One should avoid buying this type of teakwood because this is an endangered species of teak wood trees.

  • Dahat Teak

This type of teak wood is not very commonly used. It is very high priced because there is a high chance of this species to become extinct. The use of this teak has been decreased in order to prevent it from becoming extinct. However, this type of teakwood furniture is still available due to some illegal practices.

  • TectonaGrandis

This is the most common type of teak wood used and is also less expensive. This type of teak wood is available through environmental friendly practices. This is because this type of teakwood is not an endangered species.

If one is buying teak garden furniture then one can always ask the vendor about these different varieties. Then he or she can choose the one that he or she considers to be the best.