How to Plan Your Hajj or Umrah Pilgrimage

Umrah and hajj are holy pilgrimages in Islam that are performed by almost all Muslims in their lifetime if they are physically and financially able to perform it. Mecca in Saudi Arabia is a holy place where these pilgrimages are performed. If you are a citizen of Saudi Arabia, these pilgrimages have no hassle for you because you can perform them anytime and any number of times without travel arrangements. Travel to Saudi Arabia from outside the country for pilgrimage is not easy because you have to plan in advance and make travel arrangements. Hajj is the peak period when a heavy rush of hajj travelers visits Saudi Arabia. So, there are always problems for air ticket availability and hotel room reservations.

How you make pilgrimage arrangements

Apart from travel arrangements, there is one more consideration and that is umrah visa. Getting visa is not so difficult but efforts are needed well in advance. This is legal travel document that will help you in air ticket booking and entry into Saudi Arabia. The visa is free but it can be specifically used for single pilgrimage use. You can make application through licensed umrah travel agent but this doesn’t ensure grant of visa.

hajj packages

You are required to submit number of travel documents with your application, passport, photographs, and proofs that are required for this purpose. Your dates of both side travel must be confirmed because this visa is valid for specific period only. The travel agent will extend all support but much depends on your documentation.

Hassle-free pilgrimage

Getting visa and air ticket confirmation are not enough for pilgrimage unless you make your boarding and lodging arrangements in advance. The authorized travel agents offer number of umrah packages and some of them are cheap packages that you can buy when you make travel arrangements through the agent. The buying of complete package can relieve you of all worries and make your pilgrimage hassle-free.