How to write An Effective Essay on Some Topic

Essay writing is a skill, and everyone is not conversant in technique of essay writing. You need to have fluency in language and preciseness to use language components such as vocabulary, punctuation, and sentence structure. An effective essay is not just writing anything about the topic but in an orderly manner to create a proper transition of content. An essay has three main parts – introduction, body, and conclusion that creates a standardized essay. The body is its main part that may be divided into several paragraphs based on the length and content of the topic. The purpose of this standardized form is to make it relevant, easy to navigate, and easy to understand by the reader.

introduction to an essay

Writing an essay

Any one can write on any topic, but the presentation may not be same for essays written by different essay writers. The important thing is introduction to an essay . You can make your essay more effective by following some tips of essay writing and you need to follow this sequence.

  • Choose a topic unless you are assigned some topic and do some research work of this topic before you plan your writing.
  • Draft an outline of your ideas on the topic and put them on a piece of paper. Then organize these ideas to make a sequence and add extra information, if available or needed to include.
  • Now write your statement about the topic based on your organized ideas and points.
  • Now write the introduction part of your essay.
  • Body of your essay is the main part and it should be carefully written to make a perfect transition of your ideas and relevant points.
  • Write the conclusion based on discussion in the main body.
  • Finally, read contents and add finishing touch to complete essay.


A transitional essay with every relevant aspect in a proper order makes an effective essay on the subject.