Is the instagram app better than Facebook photo sharing ?

Instagram has been considered better than facebook in certain parameters. You can create a private instagram account if you so desire. However, just having private instagram profiles doesn’t necessarily mean that others are unable to View private instagram accounts. There are several instagram private profile viewer which have been created and one can even learn How to see private instagram accounts.

instagram private profile viewer

That being said, instagram has advantages when it comes to a variety of parameters such as :

  1. One can create public or private instagram profiles based on their desire and wish to be public or private.
  2. There is bulk uploading which is possible as well as it has a calendar planner and even one can automate the video and photo posts.
  3. Instagram can be shared to facebook so if something needs to be published there, that is possible as well.
  4. It is easy when it comes to using it. It also is slick and you can even pretty the photos before they can be posted. These photos can be sent to different networks if needed or so desired.
  5. There are funky options when one uses the hipstamatic camera.
  6. This helps to take really cool pictures and as they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so also instagram is better as the pictures literally speak volumes as compared to the facebook posts which one would need to read otherwise.
  7. It shows the personal side of the business and thus the business is more personable and it leaves a lasting impression on the customers as well as future customers.
  8. It can also be used by various businesses to show the customers what goes on behind the scenes.

For all these reasons and more, instagram wins over other sites hands down. buy cheap instagram likes is finally here so check it out today.