Is there any cure for spur in the heel?

Lots of people often gain pain in the soles of the feet and have problem when waking up in the morning, this is commonly known as the ostroga pietowa. In such situations, it’s always better to seek medical advice from a fizjoterapeuta. They can suggest you to some of things that will help you recover from heel spur:

ostroga pietowa

  1. Know the cause: It doesn’t happen on its own. Some of your activities may have induced pain. So it’s very much important that you find out the root cause. Sometimes it may occur due to sudden harsh training, walking long distances or wearing worn out shoes. This all activities done repetitively can lead to acute pain in your soles of the feet. Once you are acquainted with the reason, stop it or modify it.
  2. Don’t overdo things: Lot of people in the mindset to be healthy or lose weight take up stairs, do unwanted exercises or squatting or lift heavy weights. These all will add up in worsening your condition. So limit these activities and give your feet some rest.
  3. Use ice massage therapy: Your physiotherapist will suggest you to apply ice to the affected area from time to time. You can place a freezing bottle n the floor and roll it over with your feet to decrease the inflammation. You can repeat it 2-3 times a day to get some relief.
  4. Exercises can help: Some of the exercises suggested by physiotherapist like rolling a ball and stretching your calf will help out in your situation. In rolling the ball, even a tennis ball is fine. You just have to roll it over with your foot so as to stretch your legs. For calf, you will have to wrap a towel to your feet and stretch it towards you so as stretch the back of your calf.