Major things to maintain to Care for your Furniture

When we are purchasing furniture, it always crosses our mind the very next step is its maintenance. So when we want to keep our teak garden bench in its best shape possible, we try different methods to maintain it. We also check methods online while we take care of it in the traditional ways. Here are major ways for best care:

  • Cleaning: Regular cleaning of the teak furniture is very essential since it would keep the luster and shine alive for the maximum time. You can wash it with soap and water or scrub it simply with vinegar and bleach. Use a softer brush or a sponge in order to retain the texture. Do not scrub off the outside luster.

teak garden bench

  • Teak Oil:This oil will keep the teak garden furniture with its luster as new furniture. With this, you will be able to polish it time to time without asking for outward care or people from the furniture shop. There are other oils too, but this works the best.


  • Treatment: You need to know if the material is waterproof or rust proof. Accordingly, you need to cover it up in rainy season or shield it from heavy winds. Sometimes the UV rays in sunlight can also damage your furniture so look out for that.


  • Drying Out: Do not let your teak garden furniture sets go to the extent where it can dry out, and you will have no choice but to throw it away. Use dusting as a method for regular checking and then remove it away from the sun whenever it’s not required. Wiping it with damp clothing can also help the matter resolve.

It is important that you take care of your furniture indoor and outdoor. At times everything can be transferred indoor for protecting it in a better way.