Mechanical Keyboards: To Provide Best in Class Gaming Experience

Today let’s talk about razer keyboard and what makes these keyboards fit for gaming.

But before plunging into all aboutthem, first, let’s know what thesemechanical keyboards are?

Their switches definethese keyboards. They provide high stellar performances making them fit for gaming.  Cherry Mx switches are used in most keyboards although companies like Razer are famous for producing theirseries.

  • Types of gaming keyboards

They are differentiated mainly on whether they are tactile or linear although the clicking sounds sometimes play a role.

The Cherry Mx switches are named and differentiated based on the colour of key switches used.

The linear keyboards are regular keyboards with persistent bottoming out effect. They are available in both red and black colour switches. The black switchrequires high end actuation with a force of around 60cN whereas the red switches are light with an actuation of about 45cN force.

razer keyboard

The tactile keyboards are the ones with an extra physical reaction feedback. The tactile feature levitates the bottoming out effects of regularkeyboards and also provides durability.

This tactile mechanical one comes with clicking or non-clicking sound effects. The clicking ones use typically Cherry MX blue switches while the non-clicking one uses brown switches.

The Razer keyboard use a new technique called the ‘mecha-membrane keyboard’, where they used the Razer key switches with rubber dome. Some people prefer the wooden or plastic dome, but the rubber dome provides the best experience while gaming. They are equipped with millions of customizing LED backlight features adjusting with the type of games you play.

The actuation force that the switches require ranges from 45-90gms. The heavier ones are providing more stability and precision while the lighter to medium ones providing high speed.

And for the ones preferring the clicking sound,Razer provides with the clickiest sounds in keyboards having both ways clicking features are present. So while typing it gives a feel of doubling up of typing speed.

These keyboards offer a guaranteed 50 million keystrokes although some advanced ones can offer up to 80million guaranteed keystrokes.

Some keyboards are also provided with wireless connectivity and with additional software features for customization.

Their price is on the higher range, ranging from $99.99 to $150 yet with their high durability, esports athlete tested keyboards, and multi-colored LED backlights undoubtedly provides a best in class experience for gaming.