Modern Form of Traditional Attire for Muslim Women

Muslim traditions have conjured up an exclusive image of Muslim so that people from non-Muslim culture can easily identify them in a mass. This image is of a figure which is entirely covered in a simple black dress from head to toe except see through hole through which eyes of a woman can be seen. This is like a statue which is covered before unveiling to public in a special ceremony. Some Muslim women feel awkward in this outfit. Large number of Muslim women are not in favor of wearing this outfit but they have no courage to go against religious customs. No other religion provides for coverage of whole body and there is no such restriction for men in Islam.

Altered form of traditional abaya

Abaya, a full-length loose-fitting over-garment is a women’s outfit in the Middle East region of the globe for long time, although it doesn’t cover the face unlike burqa which is popular in Asian region. This outfit is like a national attire for the women. There is no thorough justification to wearing of black abaya which is most traditional form of this outfit but advocates of Islam associate it with preservation of women’s modesty by concealing shape of the body as woman’s body shape arouse men. No one can say how effective this concept of Islam is. However, some modifications have been introduced in this outfit such as color variations from black to some sober colors. Some modifications have been induced in the form of shapes, cut outs, and trims and more.

Abayas for modern women

Open abayas are altered forms of traditional outfit and a large variety of these new abayas can be accessed on abaya UK. Open abayas have been viewed as fashion trend in Muslim culture and Muslim women of modern society also love to wear this outfit. This altered outfit has opened new avenues for fashion-conscious women in Islam.