Moti Ferder: A unique and finest jeweler

Moti Ferder is the name that is creating waves in the diamond and jewelry industry with his unique diamond jewelry designs. He started his career as a diamond cutter and jewelry designer. Ideally, diamond cutter use special tools to cut the diamond in proper shape and embellish them into the jewelry design to make it look stupendous. This person use laser and optical equipment to traditional tools to cut the diamonds and polish them. His love and passion for jewelry designs has helped him to come up with unique designs every time. His designs are loved by the celebrities, executives, and athletes. There are many loyal customers to his brand. With the experience in jewelry designing, he started his own firm called Lugano diamonds in Israel with its first salon in California and second one is in Colorado. Both these two salons are doing great business in the diamond industry and is giving a tough competition to its competitors.

Moti Ferder has pursued architecture and gained extensive knowledge on diamonds and gem industry and then Moti Ferder decided to make diamond cutting and jewelry designing as his career and excel in it. These people make a whopping amount of money by creating wearable and timeless diamond jewelry that people love to wear all the time. Every piece of jewelry that is available in Lugano salons is unique. No two jewelries are the same. With the start of his own venture, he started to reap huge profits in the early days of its inception. Today, this diamond salon has grown to be one of the international diamond brands in the market. His team of talented professionals maintains a good relationship with the customer by understanding their needs and meeting them. He is also a great philanthropist who contributes a part of his earnings to the welfare of the society.