Preparing For the Spiritual Journey of Umrah? Get A Deeper Insight!

Some people might be planning for their Umrah soon. This Islamic minor pilgrimage is mainly done by Muslims to show their devotion to Allah. They travel to Makkah and Saudi Arabia to visit the Grand mosque. Umrah, unlike Hajj, is non-mandatory. It can be performed during any period of the year. There are no fixed dates for performing this particular pilgrimage.

The holy Quran says “Accomplish Hajj and Umrah to please Allah”.

Avail the best packages

There are many websites like Tripadvisor, Yourtravelshop, and others that offer Umrah packages, which include everything from travel tickets to hotel booking and some of them even provide Islamic guides.

Two of the most popular and happening hotels to stay are Hilton towers and Dar Firdaus, also called the Grand Makkah hotel. The latter is closer to the mosque than the other hotels.

Go for the checklist

Well, before starting the journey, there are certain items which are essential for the pilgrimage. It might be very difficult to remember everything and pack specifically. Thus, given below is a quick checklist. Just follow it and kick away the stress!

The essentials:

  • Passport, airline tickets.
  • ID card, relationship certificate, Shahadah certificate(if applicable)
  • Hotel booking receipt
  • Passport size photos, cash.

umrah packages

The General toiletries:

  • Medications
  • Rehydrating drinks
  • Foldable scissors
  • Rubber slippers
  • Soaps, tissues, petroleum jelly: Everything unscented.
  • Prayer mat

Clothing essentials for men & women

  • Ihram for men is a must.
  • Cotton scarfs for Hijab/Abaya for women.
  • Cotton undergarments.
  • Comfortable clothes.

That would be a general list of the basic necessities one must carry with them. There are certain other things like surgical masks, sunglasses, hats/caps, lip balm (unscented), Q-tips, and other things which might be required while staying there.

Before anything else please get the Umrah visa done for avoiding any kind of confusion or trouble. One really needs that to start the spiritual journey.

So, go on and complete your Umrah, Insha-Allah!