The Best Ping Pong Table, You got a best.

Ping pong familiar to table tennis table

If you know about table tennis then you understand to comfortably ping pong because both games are quite same. Table tennis table sport involves the use of a table equally divided by a net. It is indoor sports which play with two or four players and this is called the single or double game. Table tennis table size is provided to hit the ball on it bounce. Ping pong was manufactured by the British military in 1901. The sport was born in Victorian England as an after-dinner game for the noble.

best table tennis table

So these are five basic things should you consider while searching for best table tennis table 

  1. strength of table frame
  2. thickness of table surface
  3. Advantage and cost
  4. Safety measures

Killerspin T4 Pocket

The Killerspin T4 Pocket is made with a 16-layer coating which increases the lifespan of the table. It also has a metal frame to increase its strength and stability

JOOLA Nova Ping Pong Table

JOOLA ping pong table has 6mm aluminum plastic for a top quality bounce. The table frame is made of aluminum for extra strength and has thick durable wheel for better mobility.

Advantage of STIGA Table Tennis Table

STIGA Table has nets and square steel legs ensure a smooth playing surface which can repel rough surfaces. This Ping pong table reviews 2017 is much in a year.

JOOLA Ping Pong Table

The JOOLA ping pong table has been durable in quality, It’s a competition grade table and is perfect for the home. This Ping pong table reviews 2017 is much over a year.

Which ping pong table is the best?

After the conclusions of all ping pong table options, we found the winner JOOLA ping pong table. It is water resistant and durable design structure. While its ability to quality bounce during gaming and an ultimate experience to players.