Why are you facing dryness in your skin?

Global warming isn’t only taking a toll on icebergs or the animals but also our skin. Deadly UV rays are contacting our skin on a daily basis and stripping it of all the healthiness. The weather often leaves our face looking dry and flaky, and we never know what to do. If you have aconcern with dry eye area, then you can look up eCellulitis tips for dryness around eye s for information. Let us know about dry skin a bit more.


Why does our skin feel dry?


  • Dry skin is caused when the usual layer of lipid that protects our skin is somehow lost. The lipid layer helps in keeping our skin moisturized and supple in healthy circumstances.


  • Dry skin can be caused due to a number of reason like:

  • Dry weather or harsh weather conditions
  • Being in Air conditioned places
  • Having an unhealthy diet
  • Using harsh chemical products on skin


  • One of the first places on our face that gets dry is our eye area as it is very sensitive and thin. It often gets flaky and looks dull if it is suffering from If you have dry eye areas check out eCellulitis tips on under eye dryness treatment.


How to get rid of dry skin?


  • Drink lots of water every day.
  • Use a good moisturizing cream with natural oils.
  • Have a healthy diet with leafy vegetables and healthy oils like coconut and olive oil.
  • Get adequate sleep and try to minimise the use of air conditioning.
  • Skip using your make up products twice a week.


We hope that we have provided some information on dry skin and remedies for it. You can search dry flaky skin under eyes eCellulitis.com article if you suffer from dry skin in the eye region.