Why Philadelphia 3.0 Such A Hype For Its Citizens?

Philadelphia 3.0 a 501(c) 4non-profit advocacy organizations in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania run by Alison Perelman who drives Political reforms Philadelphia local politics as the executive director was officially launched on March 26, 2015.

The idea of coming up with Philadelphia 3.0 was germinated by the partnership of communal and business people who had believes that the city could get better with opportunities and better innovative politics. Alison was brought into picture to build and advance the mission of this organisation.

Elections held in 2015 elected three candidates supporting this project were elected to the office.

Know more about the organization

Apart from the regular tasks, 3.0 organize workshops to train the new interested crowd the way to reach for the political seats.

It is committed to uplift Philadelphia through the people of the nation by their progress and promise. It makes sure to assist people who are independent-minded taking the charge for City Council and help reform and revive the City Hall.

Philadelphia 3.0

Main focus of them

The main focus of the mission is to look into policy and governance. They are in the path of eliminating city commissioner’s row office, tax structure, research on pension crisis and the laws of municipal commission on business creation.

Philadelphia 3.0 comprise of people belonging to business, real estate, technology sector, financial and legal services and professional services.

“Better Philadelphia Elections Coalition” in May 2016, included Philadelphia and Committee of Seventy who joined hands to constitute a new Department of Elections which was to be run by accredited Election Director who will be appointed by the Mayor.

Philadelphia 3.0 is bringing its ideas to life through the top notch business leaders who can clearly see the future the city on heights.

3.0 are struggling to build a new city with bright future, the local government working for its people and businesses for the upliftment of the city.